Travel Writing

Most of my writing in recent years has been around sustainable transport.  After retiring in 2022 I will be cycling across Europe, and returning to an earlier passion - for travel writing.

On the Trail of Celtic Europe 1
Celtic Life International, May 2022
A Return to Paris
Cycle Magazine, June/July 2017
Tapestry Town - (Aubusson) France magazine March 2007
Cycling Towns - Freiburg Cycle Magazine December/January 2006/7
A Weekend in Bath Triangle (magazine of the YHA) Spring/Summer 2006
Riding After the Lost Colony
America magazine 2006
Hire Bikes Round The Hapsburg Empire The Highwayman, September 2005
Hakuna Matata Cycle Magazine July/August 2004

Note: some of the articles are shown as submitted, before editorial changes.